A Managed Whitelabelled Business Hub

Building a modern business hub has never been easier

What We Provide

Business Registry

Customers will be able to browse through verified and trusted businesses on the platform.


Imagine a marketplace where businesses will be able to connected with their prospective customers and customers will be able to browse through products and services

Customer-Business Connection

Business connection - Whether it’s a service or a product, customers can connect with businesses with a few clicks


After customer and business negotiations, Sending an invoice is a possible outcome, Businesses can send an invoice and get paid.

Send Quotes / invoices and Get Paid

Business connection - Whether it’s a service or a product, customers can connect with businesses with a few clicks

Maximize Visbility

Our top notch expertise in SEO ranking ensures business data are search engine optimized, this ensures that businesses are easily found online via their products or services.

Build Trust And Attract Customers

When businesses complete their profiles and manage their reputation, they will earn badges from the platform and associations

Benefits to SMEs
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    Increased Online Visbility

    Exposed to unlimited customers looking for your products and services online.

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    Gain Credibility

    Complete your profiles and earn trust badges and get reviews from your existing customers.

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    Send invoices and Receive Payments

    Get paid after making negotiations with prospective customers on the platform.

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    Access to Funding

    Apply for funding in loans or equity funding from our financial partners, Getting funding has never been easier.

What Our Partners Get

Branded SME Growth Platform

Provide an edge to your brand in the SME segment, Helping you acquire new customers and Provide additional benefits to current customers

A tool to Effectively Engage Businesses

Send organized communication to businesses via Email and SMS by effectively creating segments using various attributes

Data Insights

Analyze and understand different business segments with good customer and business engagement data.

Monetization Opportunity

We work our partners to create effective monetization opportunities by creating effective SME growth Plans.

Our Strategic Edge

Technology Stack

Mobile First

Built from ground up for high performance

Cloud Native

Pluggable Components

Scalable Architecture

Reduced time and cost to launch white label platforms


Opportunities to Customize Packages

Work with our partners to create sales packages based on their strategy and targeted businesses

End 2 End Customer Management

Engage customers when they drop in the funnel and transition them from interested to paid, Support our partners with Product training and customer support.


Business Traction and Revenue Reports

Get a good analysis of the number of customers intersected with and Average quote per interaction.

Business Performance Report

Reports around quality of businesses, based on their ratings , reviews and conversions.

Geo Business Analytics

Here we add the location element to the business intelligence, helping you visualize data effectively.

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